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Media Blasting

Sometimes a home gets to the point where there’s no other alternative but to remove the finish by blasting or stripping the home. This is done when a customer wants a semi transparent look on their home, which is the finish that shows the wood grain. And Media Blasting brings the wood back to its normal state so you can start fresh.

We prefer to Media Blast rather than chemical stripping because of the labor and end result of blasting ends up being a better result in the end, due to the fact that the finished product is more consistent. Stripping is used for lighter stains that have been applied and not maintained and not for removing multiple layers of stain.

When blasting the home we use a  Buddy Blaster, which is a pot that holds fine glass that is propelled by a120 PSI continuous feed compressor. This is not your normal compressor it is one you pull behind a truck and is costly. It is needed to propel the glass at the velocity needed to strip the finish from the house without damaging the logs.  Blasting removes a thin layer of wood from the surface of the logs, about an 1/8 of an inch is the maximum is the goal when we strip the home. Before this process is is done, we inspect the home to make sure there are no areas where the glass will infiltrate the home. If any areas are found we seal those areas before we blast so that no media enters the home.

This process takes about a week to complete for a normal size home, but can be much more labor intensive for bigger more complex homes that may require a telescopic boom lift to reach certain spots. We cover all the areas where the logs or log siding meets the roofs or the windows and go to great lengths in our preparation and planning to make sure we don’t damage any other areas because one wrong move can ruin a window or a piece of metal trim, that’s why our experience comes in handy, cause a Blaster in the wrong hands can reek havock.

Once completing this process we use a product called Prelude, which is an after blast product made by Perma-Chink, that fills in the pits left from blasting. This product ensures that the stain applied will have a uniform look and you will use half the stain by using this product because it fills the voids that stain would sink into and i provides tan extra layer of UV protection to ensure the suns damaging rays don’t reach the wood. After that the steps are the same as any other restoration caulking, staining, chinking or chink painting and clear coating the home.

We’ve done many homes this way and this is one sure way that clients are always pleased with the end result because you start with a blank canvas and end up with a perfect product and the look is always stunning when transformed this way. If a client wants a flawless finish, then this is the way to achieve that and I have never once had any issues when using this system. This is the way make your own look brand new. Any other system will not have the quality of the Blasting of the home.

Chemical Stripping

When stripping a home it may take multiple times to get the stain to remove from the logs. This process is used for light stains that have been recently applied for old stains that have been almost wore off. I would not recommend this multiple layers of stain that have to be removed, because once again from experience I have learned that it’s not the route to use for that it has its uses on the tough finishes I’ve described. This product is applied using a brush and left to set and then pressure washed off along with the stain.

When dealing with multiple layers of stain, this process will be repeated multiple times to remove stubborn stains, which have been applied numerous times. This method has its uses for the lighter stains described earlier, such as newly applied finishes or worn ones.

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