Log Home Maintenance

  Gillespie Log Home Restorations offers a maintenance program that includes an individual maintenance schedule for each log home we restore or log home owners who want there home kept in optimal condition. 

 We know that every log home has its own issues and challenges. Whether your log home is new or your log home is 100 years old, we create a unique and detailed schedule of log home washing , sealing and staining with products designed exclusively for log homes. Washing your log home is the most important things to do to keep the finishes looking good and protecting your log home. We recommend washing your log home using Log Wash, which is a product designed for extending the life of log home finishes. This product removed pollen mold mildew and keep your log home finishes performing the way they’re designed to. 

*** There’s nothing more important than washing your home to prolong the life of your finishes***

Our maintenance schedule also takes into account the sun sides and the sides that receive the most effects from the weather. We know that moisture and the sun are the enemy of all finishes. These sides require more attention than the others and will be the first to fail. Our knowledge and experience with log homes helps us treat these areas the way that helps to finishes last as long as possible. Whether your log home requires a clear coat every two years or it’s a solid stain that requires a fresher code every 5 to 7 years we understand how to maintain your log home to get the protection your log home requires in the most cost-efficient manner. With proper maintenance log homeowners can avoid costly repairs. Maintenance does keep the cost of owning a log home down. By doubling the life of your stain through washing and routine maintenance the cost of maintaining your home is significantly less than the cost of having to restore it and it keeps your home looking good. 

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