Chinking Log Home Restoration

Chinking is an artform where experience matters. The process of application determines the life of it. We’ve chinked new homes and homes as old as 1775. Every situation is different and requires its own proccess. We’ve chinked many homes and understand how to apply it to stand up to the test of time and protect against the elements. When applied a closed-cell backed must be used.

The reason for this is the chinking adheres to the top and bottom and the middle expands and contracts with the weather. Preparation is vital and is the reason we apply chinking that last. The contact points are taken to bare wood to secure the bond and applied at a thickness of 3/8 of an inch. This provides performance the product is designed for.

We’ve yet to find a job we couldn’t tackle. Experience and understanding of the products and application are the reason I’ve seen jobs we’ve completed 20 years ago and see that the chinking was still performing well. 

Chinking comes in many different colors and we recommend Perma-Chink, because they’ve provided superior products for decades and they stand up to the test of time. Superior products and proper installation produce top-notch results.



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